Flappy bird copy – HTML5 / cross-plateform

Web-game réalisé en HaXe avec openFL et exporté en HTML5 / canvas.

Web-game made with HaXe and openFL and exported as HTML5 / canvas.

I made this, as an exercice for trying out HaXe / OpenFL, a copy of the famous Flappy bird game as a cross-platform web-app.
The difference with the original one is pretty hard to tell !

>> Play the game

The HaXe language, coupled with the openFL library allows to export for HTML5, as well as getting the benefit from a strongly typed language as HaXe.

This export uses the WebGL technology and uses the GPU in an optimal way.
I also use the great Starling library, that i also previously used in AIR / AS3 projects before, and that has been ported to openFL. I also use atlases to benefit of an optimal draw usage from the GPU.

The great surprise was that the performances are extremelly good, even on an iPhone 4S, the game is still running at 40 FPS.

Pour réaliser cette copie, je me suis basé sur des captures d’écran du jeu original, et j’ai pu obtenir les sons sur cette vidéo youtube.

To make this copy, i used screenshots from the original game, and got the sounds from this youtube video.