City Monkey – online shooting game for mobile


Conception, development and design of the mobile/tablet game City Monkey : Multiplayer shoot.
The game was on PlayStore and AppStore from 2015 to 2019.
It’s a worms-like game, a shooting game where the player has to shoot an opponent by setting the angle and power. The wind is also influencing the shot.
The game is playable online against random opponent, or by inviting friends.

Ratings and installs

Number of installs : 60K (AppStore + PlayStore)
Ratings : 4.22 / 5 (2963 rates) on PlayStore
418 reviews on PlayStore

Technical aspects

I developed the network game engine with PHP / MySQL.
The game was developed in ActionScript 3 (using Air Framework for publishing).
Some advanced sharing features are available, like sharing the video of a shot.

Coverage by press :

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