AutoSpot – Mobile app and car advertising market website

Application mobile autospot

Application mobile autospot is a car advertising market website which gives buyers the possibility of asking a technical inspection of the car. I made a mobile application for internal usage allowing the partner mechanics to proceed to these technical exams, and also the whole back-end part which handles the informations workflow between buyers, sellers and mechanics.

Technical points :

  • Multi-chapter quiz geneneration with a very big amount of questions and data.
  • Multilingual content
  • Multiple type of questions (Checkbox, radio buttons, select, photos, …)
  • Imbrication of questions inside answers (with unlimited recursivity level)

I had to create a JSON based metalanguage for composing forms, with shorcuts handling for reusing forms blocs and be able to face the amount of content required efficiently.

The application is developed with Ionic 2 / Angular 2