Interactive map for the CTBR transport network


Interactive map for the network of the transport company CTBR (France / Bas-Rhin), made with the web agency Data-Projekt

  • Display of the informations of the network
  • Synchronization with a backgroup Google Map
  • Informations search (timesheet, …)
  • Search engine for the different stations

Technical characteristics :

  • Optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Déveloped with HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / Canvas
  • The integrality of the data are managed from a Back-Office
  • Uses Leaflet framework

The map is entirely managed by a back-office

  • Creation / Modification of lines, cities, stations, and any informations on the map
  • Modification of the line trajectory through drag-n-drop, based on Google Map Directions API.

See the CTBR interactive map